support in electrical engineering projects


software solutions for electical engineering


expert training solutions especialized in electrical engineering and installations


IEDs for protecttion, monitoring and control. Experts in arc flash protection

netelec studio studio is a provider of engineering solutions in the fields of electrical systems and installations.

We offer services ranging from consultancy to engineering, in different countries, with different standards, with the main objective to support and collaborate in your software investments.

La clave del éxito de toda empresa es sin duda su equipo de colaboradores y partners. Trabajamos con empresas punteras en sus respectivos sectores acercando sus productos a nuestros clientes. Ofrecemos asesoría, formación y distribución tanto de software como de equipos. Su utilización los 365 días del año nos convierte en expertos, con capacidad de asesorarle y ayudarle de la mejor manera posible.

The success key of any business is undoubtedly its team of collaborators. The use of the same software 365 days a year converts us as the continuity of your company with the services offered by netelec studio.

The studio vocation is born of a true alchemy, resulting from the movement of a sum of interferences between a multitude of technical avatars, all related to the electrical sector and the computer world imagined at the time (1986).

Although the importance of knowledge with respect to the ability to computerize it has evolved in its marketing form (desire, necessity), the satisfaction of showing the magic of computing applied to electrical engineering simultaneously with Technical and normative safety constitute the basis of our inspiration.


Vocation is what brings together men and women within one or more organizations with the goal of doing something together…

Ángel Hernández


Engineering tool for 3D substation design

Platform for analysis and operation of electrical power systems

Solution for generation, transmission, distribution, industry, transport and low voltage systems

Electronic relays and monitoring and operation devices for high, medium and low voltage networks

Experts in arc protection

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